Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Goal! Make a World Soccer Ball Windsock Craft!

Goal!!!! It's a very special year this year! It 's time for the World Cup. Every four years, the best soccer teams around the world come together to find out whose the champion of the this beloved game.

 Why not create a cute soccer-themed windsock craft that helps children learn geographical shapes and locations of some of the countries that are playing in this year's soccer tournament? Then look no further than my World Soccer Ball Windsock Craft. Children will simply cut out all of the pieces, glue the correct flags to the countries, cut some ribbon or string to different lengths and tape them to the back of the craft to design this easy-peasy art project.

Your kids will definitely get a "kick" out of this craft!

Please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store to purchase this craft! Click on link below picture. 

World Soccer Ball Windsock Craft

Monday, June 4, 2018

Pay Dirt: Glitter and Glue Sticks Forever is now selling on Teachers Pay Teachers

Since I've been in ECE for a while now I have decided to make a little dough on the side by creating teaching resources on the extremely popular website, TeachersPayTeachers. This site allows me to create lessons through my Microsoft Word Program or PowerPoint and easily upload them as a PDF.

I have made sure to make each of  lessons, activities and worksheets bright and cheery with easy-to-understand instructions. Since I am just starting out all of the products are quite reasonably priced.

Some of my products Include:

  • A Father's Day Learning Pack 
  • June Special Days Calendar and Activities 
  • A preschool to 1st grade-friendly Farm Pack 
Here's a link to my TpT Site: 

My Glitter and Glue Sticks forever Logo 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hey Baby!: A New Blog About Full of Infant Lesson Plans, Tips, and Ideas!

Recently, I became an infant teacher who is interested in more than just changing diapers and feeding time. I believe that even the youngest child can become more active and excited about their day through sensory activities and developmentally-appropriate early learning experiences.

The following are some of the blog posts that I have written (or will be writing) in order to inspire a greater awareness for the beauty and drool of  babyhood.

On Your Tummy: Tummy time is a great way to bond with a baby. Singing songs, moving their arms and legs for gross motor and muscle-building strength, and reading stories with bright, vivid illustrations allows babies to show interest in language even as a newborn! (A Future Post Worth Viewing!)

Come To Your Senses: Sensory Activities that involve water, cornmeal, or even colorful balls improve a babies visual memory, eye-hand coordination, and spatial awareness. Be sure to grab a plastic tub and fill it with a variety of interesting and baby-safe materials.

Please see my post: Come To Your Senses: Sensory Bin Ideas

Pinching Pennies on Infant Toys: The post Do You Have a Dime?: Buying Infant Toys shows educators and parents alike how to purchase affordable toys on a limited budget.

You're So High-Maintenance!: You know those parents: bringing a laundry list of instructions on how to care for their baby and demanding your undivided attention at any and all times of the day? Then you have met high-maintenance parents!

Check out the following blog post for info on how to deal with these "unique" parents.
Uh-Oh! Dealing With High Maintenance Parents 

Saturday, July 4, 2015

It's Independence Day!: Happy Birthday America!

I hope everyone has a very patriotic and safe Fourth of July. Remember to take pride in our American heritage and spirit today and always.

God Bless America!
Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Monday, June 8, 2015

We're Off on An African Safari!: I'm Going on a Safari" Chant

We’re off on an African safari to meet some of our animal friends! Some of those friends include roaring lions, stomping elephants and leaping gazelles. The children were so excited to jump into a jeep,  buckle their seat belt s and go trekking through the  beautiful African Savannah (grasslands). With a “camera” in hand, they “snapped some pretty cool photos and had lots of fun, too. 

The kids went “wild” over the following language arts activity which introduces and identifies the proper names of African wildlife titled I’m Going On a Safari in a chanting format. You will find the chant at the end of this post. 

How to Make the I’m Going On a Safari Chant

Supplies Needed 

Construction Paper or Card-stock 
Laminator (optional) 
Photos of African Animals (I especially liked the photos from Cahill’s Creations on the site) 
Camera Coloring Page
Word Processing System such as Word or Pages
hole punch 
String or curling ribbon. 
  1. Type the following chant into a word processing system. Cut out with scissors and glue onto  a sheet of construction paper or card-stock.
  2. Laminate the paper with chant. (optional)
  3. Find pictures of safari wildlife such as lions, elephants, hyenas etc. or go to the teachers pay teachers website. You can create a free account in order to receive the free download of African Animal Photographs from Cahill’s Creations. These can be found by typing in African Animals and refining your search to free items only or by clicking on the previously typed Cahill's Creations link above. 
  4. Select and print the photos onto card-stock that correspond to the bolded words. Example: print out the picture of the zebras and the acacia tree. 
  5. Type out words that identify each animal or thing such as cheetah, savannah etc. using a word processing system. Cut out the words with scissors. Glue words onto the correct photos. 
  6. Laminate the photos (if desired). 
  7. Search the internet for a camera coloring page onto card-stock. Print the coloring page out and color as desired. 
  8. Laminate the camera coloring page. (optional) 
  9. Punch holes on the sides of the camera and string a small piece of string or curling ribbon through the holes. Tie off so that the camera can be worn around your neck during the chant. 

*Tip: You could turn this chant into a flannelboard by placing velcro on the back of the pieces*

How to Teach “I’m Going On a Safari” Chant

*If you place the chant on your easel, you will need tape to affix the pieces*

  1. The teacher should tell the children that they are going on an African Safari. She should ask the children questions such as Do you know what a safari is? What animals do you think you will see on a safari? etc. Give the children a few minutes to answer the questions. 
  2. If the children incorrectly answered the questions, the teacher should tell  them that a safari is a special trip that people go on to see the animals of the African savannah (Grasslands). She should continue by showing the children a map of Africa and tell them that the Savannah is a place that is very dry or wet, depending on the season, and where tall grass grows. She should discuss that they will learn about all the exciting animals that live there!
  3. The teacher should give instructions to the students before starting the chant. She should tell the students they are going to make believe that they are taking pictures of all the animals they see on their safari. She tells them that when she say s“I snap a picture” they should place their hands in the air mimicking a camera taking a picture. She will then place “their” picture of the animal on the board. After this has been told to the children the teacher begins the chant. 
  4. The teacher should place the camera around her neck and begin to chant the verses. She retells the children to mimic the camera flashing when they hear the appropriate words. 
  5. As she snaps her picture, she should place the photos of the animals on her easel using tape or velcro for a flannelboard. 
  6. The teacher should continue until the chant is finished and all the photos have been placed on the board.

I’m Going On a Safari 

I’m going on a safari 
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see
lots of tall grass of the the African savannah can’t you see. 

I’m going on a safari 
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see
a cheetah walking near me. 

I’m going  on a safari
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see 
a zebra eating by an acacia tree.

I’m going on a safari
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see 
an elephant with a trunk as long as can be. 

I’m going on a safari
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see 
a gazelle sitting happily. 

I’m going on a safari 
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see 
a hyena drinking thirstily. 

I’m going on safari
My camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see 
a hippopotamus yawning sleepily. 

I’m going on a safari
my camera’s with me 
I snap a picture and what do I see 

a wildebeest roaming dreamily. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Oh Goody!: Teacher Goodie Bags with A Teacher's Gift Poem

It's in the bag! Since I am so proud of all the children, I made a little bag of goodies that would surely make any child's summer bright. I can't believe that they are all graduating. It seems like only yesterday when we welcomed the students to our classroom.

The goodie bags were so easy to put together too! The items were all purchased from the mecca that is Hobby Lobby. They included a kaleidoscope, magnifying glass, rings  for the girls, bugs for the boys, bubbles and colored chalk. All of the gifts were placed in a clear, cellophane bag and tied together with brightly-colored, curled ribbon.

I attached the following A Teacher's Gift poem which I re-worded from an existing poem I found on the Internet. I included all of the gifts that were found in the goody bags in the verse. The clip art sun was found on the massively marvelous free clip art site and the font used was SchoolHouse Printed A on Mac operating systems.

I have included a card I created using an incredibly cute stamper and crayons that is attached to the bag also.

The first poem is for the girls. The second poem is for the boys 

A Teacher’s Gift 

Chalk to add “color” to your summer fling. 
A magnifying glass to explore everything. 
A ring to add a little bling. 
Bubbles to play with as you dance and sing. 
and a kaleidoscope for some extra zing! 

Have a Great Summer, 
(Your name here)

A Teacher’s Gift 

Chalk to add “color” to your summer fling, 
A magnifying glass to explore everything. 
A creepy crawly for a spooky thing. 
Bubbles to play with as you dance and sing. 
and a kaleidoscope for some extra zing. 

Have a Great Summer, 
(Your name here) 

We're having bucket-loads of fun!

Hey there skater boy!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wizardly Wonders: Four-Year--Old Graduation Name Tags

 It takes heart, courage and of course a brain for our littler pre-kindergartners to memorize all their  music and lines for the upcoming presentation of the Wizard of Oz!  It is especially important because it is their final farewell as preschoolers. They are off to elementary school and officially recognized as the "big kids".

As we prepare for graduation day, the final touches such as name tags needed to be created. I designed the following  magical name tags that will be placed on the backs of chairs for our little Broadway stars in the making!

The striking images represent key attributes/associations of the main characters in the story such as red slippers for Dorothy and an elfin mug for those squeaky voiced munchkins.

Each of the images were found at Clipart Panda. I love using this site because of its ease of use and crisp, expressive illustrations. Not to mention the price point: free!

Can you guess which image belongs to each character or thing that happened in the story?